Western Green erosion control specialist securing Falcon Anchors products using machinery.

Solar Structural Anchoring

The Falcon Anchors allow for easy ground mount installations on solar racking system applications. The Falcon Anchor Systems allow for ground mount installation on any terrain without pile driven foundations or concrete pads. The deep-driven, high-strength anchors can offer high-performance stabilization with a quick and cost-effective install.

Falcon Anchors system rendering with anchor headView Falcon anchors
Falcon Lockgrip being used to secure solar panels.

Solar Structural Bracing and Tensioning

The Falcon LockGrip tensioner allow for the utilization of flexible bracing over traditional rigid systems. The two-way grip of the LockGrip’s patent-pending Dynamic Vibration Arrest (DVA) technology provide a safe method to install solar racks with lightweight, high-strength bracing while retaining structural integrity. Our LockGrip tensioners are used with 1/8” wire, and we can also provide cable brace wires to specification as well.

Falcon Anchors cable tendon renderingView Falcon LockgripDownload Solar Securing Solutions Brochure
Side view of solar panels being secured by Falcon Anchors products

Solar Ground Protection

Whether its protecting soils from drip edge erosion, providing linear waterway management, or protecting slopes and platforms, Falcon Anchor Systems can provide solutions for stabilizing soils. The permanent Falcon anchors and hex pins can be used to provide high-strength and high-loading systems when combined with rolled erosion control products (RECPs).

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