Falcon Anchor Systems are a true Force of Nature, with products to meet a range of industry applications including Civil applications, Solar Solutions, Agricultural and Landscape challenges, and Recreational applications. You can explore our products through our main categories below or use the top navigation to explore through Industries.

Top termination, cable tendon, and anchor head

Falcon Anchors

Falcon Anchors are deep-seated Percussion Driven Anchors (PDAs) that harness strength to hold soils.

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Two sizes of Falcon Hex Pins

Falcon Pins

Falcon Hex Pins are innovative twisted fasteners that provide high pullout strength for staking and tie-down applications.

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Close-up of Falcon Anchors lock grip and cable tendon

Falcon LockGrip

Falcon LockGrip tensioners provide a quick, easy method for wire tensioning with its two-way wire grip.

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Falcon Anchors top termination photo

Custom Applications

Learn more about how our Falcon Anchor Systems can be customized to meet your application needs

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