Falcon pin being used to tie down a piece of recreational equipment.

Tie-Down Solutions

The Falcon Hex Pins are an innovative fastener providing pullout resistance greater than typical straight pins or staples. The specialized Falcon Hex Pins allows for better tie-down of recreational structures like hunting ground blinds, inflatables, trampolines, and other structures. The Falcon Pins can be guided through guy ropes or grommets resulting in a strong, but lightweight, reusable anchoring pin system.

Falcon pins renderingView Falcon PinsHunting Blind Flyer
Rendering of Falcon Anchors being used to tie down an outdoor bench.

Security Tie-Down

Whether in a park, a school, or another public place, the Falcon Anchors can be used to safely secure equipment such as park benches, picnic tables, trash cans and more into the ground to reduce the loss  of equipment to theft and vandalism.

Falcon Anchors system renderingView Falcon Anchors
Falcon Anchors being used to secure an outdoor shade structure.

Shade Structure Tensioning

Tension is the key to the functionality of fabric shade canopies, without which the shade sails may sag affecting the aesthetics and longevity of the sail. The Falcon LockGrip Tensioner can be the perfect solution for two-way tensioning of wire to gain the perfect shade structure.

Falcon Anchors cable tendon renderingView Falcon LockGrip